Thailand Reference :
YC6MK Series Marine Engine
Yuchai YC6MK350 has proven to have high torque & power with low fuel consumption.
YC6MK350 has better acceleration and has lower fuel consumption than previous engine.
It uses mechanical fuel pump and injectors are easy to maintain. Currently customer is using B20 biodiesel.
Customers are satisfied with the performance of Yuchai Marine Engine.
Yuchai Marine Genset 180kW at 1,500rpm at 50Hz.
Yuchai Marine Genset has been working under long hours and proven to be durable, reliable and fuel efficient.
Current fuel used is biodiesel B20.
YC6T Series Marine Engine
This cargo vessel carries timber from Malaysia to Thailand.
Previously, customer has been using using NTA855 Cummins (350PS at 1800rpm) x 2units. With cargo, the maximum speed is about 4-5 knots.
Now the vessel can cruise at speed of 9 knots when fully loaded, after changing to YC6T480C (480PS at 1800rpm) x 2 units.
Customer has shorten journey duration from 30 hours to 22 hours with equal amount of fuel consumption.
With failure of water pump and no pre-alarm or shutdown feature, the used marine engine has failed & costly to repair.
It has been replaced with new Yuchai YC6T540C (540PS at 1800rpm) Marine Engine x 2 units.
Maximum power for old engine was 1000hp at 2100rpm, but it could only run at 1800rpm at that time.
Using the same gearbox and propeller, it reached the same speed at 1800rpm at 15 knots when fully loaded.
Fuel consumption has reduced from 800L/day to 600L/day. Saving – 200L/day.
YC6K Series Marine Engine (Commonrail)
YC6K Series is fully electronic control marine diesel engine. It uses BOSCH high pressure common rail fuel injection system.
It has high reliability with overhaul period to be able to reach 30,000 hours.
When compared to mechanical engines, it is about 10% more fuel efficient. Its lightweight and compact design allow it to fit in tight space.
It has allow Oceanic Blue to be one of the fastest diving boat in Phuket.
YC6TD Series Marine Engine (EUPI)
Introduction to YC6TD Marine Engine, featuring Electronic Unit Pump Injection (EUPI). Using ECU to allow accurate and timing injection of fuel for optimal performance and efficiency.
Unlike Commonrail engine, it does not use high-pressure commonrail fuel pump, thus it does not require the best fuel to run and is relatively cheaper to maintain.Unlike Commonrail engine, it does not use high-pressure commonrail fuel pump, thus it does not require the best fuel to run and is relatively cheaper to maintain.
The new ferry using Yuchai YC6TD650 (650PS at 1800rpm) x 2 units and used Cummins NTA855 (350PS at 1800rpm) x 1 unit to power.
It has been successfully commissioned and customer is satisfied with Yuchai YC6TD650 Marine Engine.
Without load, it can reach top speed of 10.4 knots. YC6T650 at 1800rpm. NTA855 at 1450rpm.
YC6CL Series Marine Engine
Replacing the old engines with Yuchai YC6CL1035 x 2 units, the ship has able to improve its top speed from 10.5 knots to 14.0 knots.
With full load, the customer runs at optimal speed of 750rpm at 11.5 knots which result only 70L per hour per engine.
Currently the customer is using B20 biodiesel. Customer is very satisfied at the performance and fuel saving achieved.